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After season 1 wrapped, Keri Russell played a prank on the producers by sending them a photo of herself in a short-haired wig.The creative team freaked out, but afterwards decided that it would be a good decision for the character, so Russell got her hair cut in real life.Originally Julie was written to be a dancer, but actress Amy Jo Johnson revealed to producers after being cast that she didn’t know how to dance, so the character’s musical interest was shifted a bit.RELATED: then and now Greg Grunberg, who played Sean Blumberg, was actually speaking to his costars when his character gave a toast at Noel’s wedding in the series finale.These interesting bits of behind-the-scenes trivia will really let you in on what was going on. Obviously, he couldn’t explore that on his grounded show about college relationships, so he pitched his new show to suffer in its fourth and final season.Felicity’s first college friend was Julie, a guitar player and singer.

In the video player above, watch Charlie Rose try to get an answer to the impossible question: "Who is Larry David? "I think it just exacerbates everything because then you just become more focused on yourself.

Like Diane Keaton in that role, Russell would wear a fair amount of men’s clothing that was slightly altered. and on-again-off-again Felicity love interest Noel Crane wasn’t shy about admitting his fondness for computers and graphic design.

Once Russell got a feel for the manner of dress, she became a stickler for what her character would wear, refusing to wear nail polish, hair accessories, or certain pieces of jewelry that she thought would be too extravagant for Felicity. Apparently, the fictional character is still active online via Noel

The site is set up to be a portfolio written by Crane to find a job in graphic design.

Several episodes of closed with our protagonist listening to cassette tapes sent to her from her high school French tutor and mentor, Sally.

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