Oxbridge graduates dating

“Our mobile devices are now regarded as indispensable, having all but superseded desktop computers.

We want to be able to do everything on the move, including finding and organising dates.

In Britain, some one in four couples claim to have met online.

A 2013 study from the University of Chicago revealed that there had been a 19% increase in couples meeting on the internet and marrying over the last five years.

As some courses start in September, please check the precise start and end date for your course with your academic department before finalising your travel and accommodation plans.

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No wonder the global industry, which began 20 years ago with the birth of the internet, is reported to be worth £2bn.

The US-based internet company Inter­Active Corp (IAC), is the online dating industry’s global top player.

He says this growing mobile use is particularly prevalent amongst the “millennials”, for whom to be without their phone is the worst nightmare imaginable.

That’s a lot of dressing up, restaurant bills and lip gloss.

It turned out to be a fascinating psychological journey into a realm where delusion and deception reign.

The sites give us the sense that the possibilities are limitless, so why settle for any one person when there must surely be someone better out there?

There is even a name for this mindset: FOMO, the “fear of missing out”.

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